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  • Vision
  • New era of pharmaceutical company
Our company name, Pharmicell is a compound using Pharmaceutical and Cell. As shown in our name, we pursue the new type of business model to lead in various areas by adding the concept of 'cell' to the existing pharmaceutical industry model, which will lead the next generation of medicine.
  • Mission
  • 1st. Possess the high-tech technology through continuous research.
  • 2nd. Pioneer new market with continuous growth based on high-tech technology.
The first mission of Pharmicell is to possess cutting edge technology through continuous research. Our company already has high level of stem cell technology as shown from its performance of developing the first stem cell drug in the world. In addition, our raw materials of next generation biopharmaceuticals have dominated over 90% of the global market and recognized for our technology. Currently, we have devoted ourselves to develop top-notch stem cell drug with fusion of stem cell and material synthesis technology. Our second mission is to pioneer new market with potential for continuous growth based on cutting edge technology.
  • Core Value
  • Pharmicell has developed further with focus on core values of fusion, challenge and promptness