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CEO Greeting

We will reach for "the world best"
beyond “the world first”

Welcome to Pharmicell.

Since its establishment in 2002, Pharmicell has devoted itself to develop stem cell drugs to return benefits of stem cells to much more people with desperate needs and successfully developed the world first stem cell drug in the world on
July 1st, 2011, marking a new era in the world history of cell treatment.

The path of innovation and challenge pioneered by Pharmicell to get the title of the “world first”, became the foundation for 'Korea Standard' in the area of stem cell drug and has changed the spectrum of the overseas stem cell industry beyond the boundary of Korea.

In addition, Pharmicell has emerged as the global leader of biopharmaceutical raw materials development and recognized for its technology with our exporting performance of raw medicine to prominent global pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, Pharmicell has strived further to develop next generation new drugs based on management value of 'fusion' and 'challenge'.

Pharmicell will take the lead for Korea to outstand as the leader of biopharmaceutical industrys of the world through continuous R&D and ultimately create value for healthy and happy human life.

Thank you.

CEO Hyun Soo Kim