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Biochemical Raw material medicine

Core Materials of Next-Generation Biopharmaceutics


Nucleoside is a component of DNA and RNA, the basic element of genes. It is also used as raw materials of Antisense medicine and gene diagnosis reagent. Pharmicell has actively pursued studies on Nucleoside and DMT-Nucleoside intermediates, DMT Protected DNA and RNA.


mPEGs derivative has advantages of reducing antigenic expression and increasing stability and receptivity as well as half-life in the body in combination with medicine. It is widely applied in PEG-based protein/peptide medicine, hydrogel, drug delivery carrier of liposome and artificial blood.


HDP-tosylate is a necessary core intermediate for systhesis of anti-viral new drugs, the medicine for viral (cytomegalovirus, adenovirus, smallpox, Ebolavirus) infectious disease.